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Super Mario World Edit


title screen

Super Mario World

licensed game for SNES


© 1990, 1991 Nintendo

Base hack

Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)


512 kilobytes in 16 LoROM banks

2 kilobytes of save-RAM


NTSC America, Super Mario World (U)

NTSC Japan, Super Mario World - Super Mario Bros. 4 (J)

PAL Europe, Super Mario World (E)


Super Mario World (SNES) is a traditional platforming game, in which Mario must rescue the princess from Bowser (for only about the third time). Super Mario World is the flagship game among SNES games.

ROM hackers, who want to create custom Mario levels, often elect SMW as the base hack. SMW has more hacks than any other Mario game. SMW hackers have built new levels from blocks and replaced the graphics. Assembly hacking of SMW has introduced new blocks and sprites.

SMW hackers prefer Super Mario World (U). There exist hundreds of SMW hacks; practically all of them are hacks of the American SMW.

SMWcentral is the main resource for SMW hacks, for both players and hackers.

There are many examples of SMW hacks, but two are Return to Dinosaur Land and Super Mario TKO.

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